Building a Ramcharger (or any 72-93 Dodge)

Building a Ramcharger (or any 72-93 Dodge)

When people think of these trucks they think simple and robust. They can take a beating and ask for more! One thing that can make them more capable is a lift and bigger tires. 

Starting in the rear, many of these trucks came with blocks from the factory. As we all know, blocks are not the best way to lift a vehicle. They promote axle wrap and also can pop out! The next option is lift kit springs. Lift kit springs are generally stiffer, which is something you don't want when looking for flex off road or a smooth ride on road. So we came up with a shackle reversal that can gain you 4" of lift and a drop main eye that gives you 2" of lift. When used together they total 6" of lift and keep your axle centered in the wheel well. If you still would like to change the position of the axle just utilize one of our axle relocation kits!

For this build we are using the 4" shackle reversal + the 2" drop main eye and subtracting - the stock blocks (2") to have a total of 4" above stock.

Removing blocks from first gen dodge   main eye hanger dodge  shackle reversal dodge


To account for the extra lift height we have we are going to use a set of our stainless steel braided brake lines. These lines will be stronger and add more stopping power than the stock ones. Plus they are easy to install with the stock style fittings!

To add some more beef we are putting on a set of our upgraded front main eye hangers. We should be ready to hit some rocks with these!

heavy duty dodge main eye hangers


 From here we will add some 4" flexy front leaf springs, steering correction, and of course big ol' tires!!

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