Customer is fully aware and acknowledges there is a risk of injury or damage arising out of the use of non-OEM/DOT products and hereby elects to voluntarily use these products and assume all of the above risks of injury or damage. Customer agrees to release and discharge Hogback Fabrication LLC from any and all responsibility or liability from such injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of said tanks and fittings. Customer further agrees to waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for injury or damage against Hogback Fabrication LLC which customer otherwise may be entitled to assert.

State Lift Laws

Hogback Fabrication LLC advises that you check your state and local ordinances prior to installing a suspension kit or other aftermarket vehicle modification. While some states have almost no restrictions, others have many regulations concerning just what is and isn't considered street-legal. To ensure your purchase falls within your state's guidelines, call your local DMV. Many customers have also recommended using this website: is not maintained by Hogback Fabrication LLC and we subsequently cannot attest to its accuracy. It is always the buyers responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws governing the sale of Rough Country product.

Furthermore, different insurance companies may handle coverage of a modified vehicle differently. Some policies do not cover modifications at all, while others go so far as to provide extra coverage for the off-road components themselves. Always check with your insurance carrier prior to upgrading the vehicle to ensure your coverage remains sufficient.