What are axle relocation plates?

What are axle relocation plates?

Here we will go over all the ins and outs on Axle relocation Plates.

First off what does the axle relocation plate do? The axle relocation plate is a fabricated plate that allows you to change the position of your axle by bolting into the leaf pack and changing the center pin location. 

Moving axle with hogback fab axle relocation plate

Why would you want to move your axle? Sometimes after doing a lift or with some models from factory the axle visually looks farther to one side than the other in the wheel well. These plates can be used to center it back up. Some also use them for improving approach/departure angles. By moving your front axle forward and rear axle back you can help ensure your tires will the the first things to hit on an obstacle and the last to leave. 

The axle relocation plate has four positions to move the axle forward or rearward, Centered (0.00), .50", 1", and 1.5". This gives you many adjustments to get the axle right where you want it. 

Axle relocation plate

We carry many different sizes to fit multiple auto manufacturers leaf springs. If you have any questions we are happy to help!

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