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Small Block/Big Block Motor Mount Kit

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Applications: GM gen 1&2 small block, big block (454, 8.1, etc), 6.2/6.5 diesel

Applications: 1967-1972 C10 C20 2wd blazer 1973-1987 (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991) GM Truck/SUV 4x4 and 2wd (K10, K20, K30, K5, V1500, V2500, V3500, C10, C20, C30, M1008, M1009)

What are the GM small block/big block motor mount brackets?

If you are looking to do a huge upgrade over the stock motor mounts, this is for you. This will be a burly setup that can take all the power your motor can put down.  Our brackets are designed to work with our frame side motor mounts but they are pretty universal if you are doing something custom.

Why use the Hogback Fab HD Motor Mounts?

So you just got done rebuilding your motor with all the power adders and are ready to put back in your truck and burn some rubber. Are you putting your motor on the stock mounts? Heck no! You need something that can stand up to the abuse. That is where our HD motor mounts come in. The are engineered to take on the highest HP race motors out there!

Comes Powder coated Gloss black with Grade 8 hardware (even the bolts to mount to the block and frame).

How easy is it to install the HD motor mounts?

Very Easy!

  1. If your motor is still in the truck, you will need to unhook the stock motor mounts and lift the motor high enough to remove/replace the mounts. The motor will need to safely be lifted with an engine hoist. Make sure nothing will get stretched/broken like wires, fuel lines, etc.
  2. Remove the stock motor mounts from the block and frame.
  3. Loosely bolt on the block side HD mount to the block and the frame side to the frame. We say loosely so you can adjust the mounts around when lowering the engine.
  4. Lower the motor on to the new frame side mount. Note: as we all know these frames are noodle and move around a lot. It may take some moving around of the mounts up, down, forward, rearward for the main bolt to pass through.
  5. Slide the 9/16" main bolt through the two motor mount halves and tighten down.
  6. Tighten the frame and block side mounts
  7. Reconnect anything you may have unhooked when lifting the motor.
  8. Enjoy your new found strong mounts!
  9. After 100 miles make sure to go check all bolts are tight. 


Gloss black powder coated steel.

Product comes welded

Hardware is grade 8

Bolts and Lock washers for motor side and for frame side

Bushings are Polyurethane

Sleeves are Chromoly

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