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2-1/2 inch wide axle relocation plates, 3/8 Inch Center Pin

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Easily adjust the position of your axle with these axle relocation plates!

Applications: Vehicles with a 2.5" wide leaf spring (measured at center of leaf spring) that uses a 3/8" leaf spring center pin (diameter of pin, not size of socket). These are common with GM vehicles and 72-93 Dodge

What are the benefits of the axle relocation plates?

These are great for adjusting the position of your axle on your truck. Weather you are looking to stretch your wheelbase or center the axle in the wheel well these are for you! They are only 1/4" thick so wont mess up your ride height.  Can move your axle forward or backward 1/2", 1", or 1-1/2"! 

Axle relocation before and after

How easy is it to install the axle relocation plates?

Super easy!

For more installation pictures check out this page HERE they are in the middle of page.

  1. Safely jack/lift your truck and set on jack stands.
  2. Remove U-bolts and axle (make sure any lines/shocks are out of the way and not being over stretched)
  3. Use a C clamp on either side of the center pin to hold leaf pack together, make sure to leave room for the relocation plate. Remove the stock center pin, you'll likely need to hold the round bottom of the bolt with a set of locking pliers.
  4. Prepare the axle relocation plate by installing the socket head screw in the center hole, it doesn't matter which side it's installed from. There will be a couple of threads sticking through the offset plate, grind that flush with the plate.
  5. Install 3/8" hex bolt in the leaf pack where you removed the center pin. Note the head of the bolt should be at the top and the threads will come out the bottom of the pack. We supply two different length bolts to accomodate different spring pack thickness, pick one that's long enough to thread into the relocation plate. Don't worry if there are extra threads sticking out, they'll get cut off.
  6. In addition to the center hole (that your socket head/allen key bolt is bolted into), there are three additional tapped holes. These move the axle 1/2", 1" or 1-1/2" forward or back. Thread the 3/8" hex bolt in the axle relocation plate at the position you want to relocate your axle to, the hex bolt only has to be snug here as your U-Bolts will provide the clamping force. The round socket head/allen key bolt will point down and that will now fit into the perch on the axle. Cut/grind the hex bolt flush with the bottom of the relocation plate.
  7. Install everything reverse of removal.

axle relocation plate

NOTE: You may need to round the 3/8 hex bolt head with a flap wheel to fit in your U-Bolt plates.

NOTE: If your U-bolt plate is not the slotted style you may need to drill a new hole for your new center bolt position. 


Steel plate

Hardware is grade 8

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