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94-02 Dodge HD rear main eye 2 inch lift

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Lift the rear of your truck with our rear main eye 2" lift!

Applications: 1994-2002 Dodge HD 2500 and 3500 Pickup (leaf spring and bushing measure 3.75" at hanger)

What is the Rear main eye 2 inch lift?
On the rear of your truck, the leaf spring is connected by two points, a fixed point at the front and a point with a shackle at the rear. This replaces your front fixed point with a heavy duty bracket that lifts your truck 2".
2nd gen dodge rear main eye leaf spring bracket
What are the benefits of using the rear main eye 2" lift?
Typically, a truck is lifted with either a lifted spring or a lift block. A lift spring uses a higher spring rate resulting in a stiff lumber wagon ride. A lift block add more leverage causing axle wrap/hop under acceleration. Lift blocks are also notorious for falling out and causing terrible accidents.

A rear main eye 2" lift allows you to keep your stock spring rate and does not have the hazards of using a block. Some auto manufactures came stock with blocks in the back. The shackle flip can replace those blocks allowing more traction for towing, off-road, or fun burn outs!

What if I want more than 2 inches of lift for my truck?
Easy! When the Rear main eye 2" lift is paired with our 4" shackle reversal you will total 6" of lift!

How easy is it to install the Main eye 2" lift on my truck?
Very easy!
  1. Safely lift/jack truck up and put on jack stands. Make sure to use proper safety gear and equipment
  2. Locate rear main eye hanger and remove leaf spring from it
  3. Remove rivets holding main eye hanger on frame. This can be done super fast with an air chisel. Another method is using a cutoff wheel to cut an in the rivet. Then take a hand chisel to the heads to remove them.
  4. Bolt in main eye hanger and torque bolts to 38 FT/LBS. 
  5. Bolt in leaf spring to main eye hanger 2" lift. The rest is reverse of removal.
  6. After driving 100 miles make sure to re-torque bolts

Note: Adding a main eye 2" lift may change pinion angle in some cases, If you do need to correct your pinion angle a shim is usually all it takes to correct. Shims can be purchased at most drive shaft shops.

Note: We have found some trucks stock main eye hangers are closer to the stock bed mount than others. This distance change probably comes from the stack up of tolerances when assembling the frames at the factory and the inaccuracy of using rivets. Since we try to make this bracket as beefy as possible and because of the tolerance differences between trucks, the rear main eye 2" lift may come in contact with the stock bed mount preventing the holes from lining up. This can be fixed with a little massaging of the stock bed mount with a hammer and or opening up/slotting the frame rivet holes. 

Note: The bracket lift height is based off of what you are at now. So for example if your truck came with a 2" block and you use a 2" drop bracket it would be 2" lift keeping the block. If you remove the 2" block you will end up with stock height (2" drop - 2" block = 0" lift).

HOG TIP: Looking to gain more lift in the rear? Use a set of our 4" shackle reversal kits! Used in conjunction with our main eye 2" you can gain 6" of lift! Check them out HERE

 HOG TIP: Need help determining what to do to get to your desired suspension height? Check out this write up HERE


Gloss black powder coated steel.

.25" thick steel

Product comes welded

Hardware is grade 8

Comes with frame mounting bolts, washers, and top lock nuts

1/2" bolts, nuts, and washers

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