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73-87 1/2 ton 3/4 ton Chevy Squarebody 3" shackle reversal

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Lift the rear of your truck 3" without using stiff lift springs or axle wrap causing lift blocks!
Applications: 1973-1987 (also 88-91 some models) GMC Chevy K5, K10, K20, Suburban, Blazer, Jimmy, V1500, V2500
 squarebody shackle reversal shackle flip

What is a shackle reversal?
Currently the rear of your truck has a tension style shackle hanger (shackle points towards sky). Our shackle reversal replaces that stock bracket with a much stronger bracket that points the shackle towards the ground creating lift. Everything else about how your truck rides is kept the same!
stock hanger vs shackle reversal

Why 3" reversal?
3" gives you way more options to match the front lift of your truck. For example typically with blazers and suburban's they sit about an inch low in the back. If you use a 2" lift spring in the front and our 3" reversal in the rear it will sit about perfect! Of course you can use different combinations of springs to match your front lift like you could pair the 3" reversal with a 3" lift spring to get a total of 6" of lift at a softer ride than a 6" lift spring. 

What are the benefits of a shackle reversal?
Typically, a truck is lifted with either a lifted spring or a lift block. A lift spring uses a higher spring rate resulting in a stiff lumber wagon ride. A lift block add more leverage causing axle wrap/hop under acceleration. Lift blocks are also notorious for falling out and causing terrible accidents.

A shackle reversal allows you to keep your stock spring rate and does not have the hazards of using a block. Some auto manufactures came stock with blocks in the back. The shackle reversal can replace those blocks allowing more traction for towing, off-road, or fun burn outs!
NOTE: With our shackle reversal kit you can re-use your stock shackles!

Shackle reversal vs blocks

Will a shackle reversal affect how my truck handles or tows?
Nope! It will drive just like it does now, in fact many newer heavy-duty trucks are running compression style hangers like the shackle reversals for your truck. Also if you are replacing your current blocks with a shackle reversal expect it to handle way better! No more extra leverage on those leaf springs causing axle wrap. 

How easy is it to install a shackle reversal on my truck?
Very easy!
For a more in depth install with pictures check HERE
  1. Safely lift/jack truck up and put on jack stands. Make sure to use proper safety gear and equipment
  2. Locate rear shackle hanger and remove shackle/leaf spring from it
  3. Remove rivets holding shackle hanger on frame. This can be done super fast with an air chisel. Another method is using a cutoff wheel to cut an in the rivet. Then take a hand chisel to the heads to remove them.
  4. Bolt in shackle reversal and torque bolts to 60 FT/LBS. NOTE: SHACKLE REVERSAL OFFSET GOES TOWARDS FRONT OF TRUCK!
  5. Bolt in leaf and shackle into the shackle reversal. The rest is reverse of removal. 
  6. After driving 100 miles make sure to re-torque bolts

Note: Adding a shackle reversal may change pinion angle in some cases, If you do need to correct your pinion angle a shim is usually all it takes to correct. Shims can be purchased at most drive shaft shops.


 HOG TIP: Shackle reversals will typically move the axle forward some, so use one of these axle relocation plates to get it where you want click HERE

 HOG TIP: Need help determining what to do to get to your desired suspension height? Check out this write up HERE


Gloss black powder coated steel.

.25" thick steel

Product comes welded

Hardware is grade 8

Comes with frame mounting bolts, washers, and top lock nuts

7/16" bolts, nuts, and washers

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